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Past Issues

Three-and-Free Membership Drive
NAIPC in the News
Blogging in Place: Rethinking Aging in Place
Aging in Place-to-Place
Aging in Place Nationally
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A Home to Support Aging in Place: Universal Design Makes Life Easier and Enhances Independence
Managing Musculoskeletal Mishaps with David Neuman
NAIPC in th News
Blogging in Place: A Unique Way to Fund Aging in Place Needs
New Marketing Collateral Now Available for NAIPC Members
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Living Their Best Life Through the Joy of Giving
June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month
Aging in Place-to-Place
White House Announces Funding For Older Americans Act Program
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NAIPC in the News
HHS Administration Delivers Funds to Support the Health of Older Americans
Aging in Place-to-Place
CONNECT for Health Act 2021 Reintroduced with Bipartisan Support
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Death and Digital Technology
Preparing for Older Americans Month
Brief Highlights Six States’ Participation in a CHS-Led Learning Collaborative
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Member Notification: NAIPC Member Recognition Project, Request for Content
Member Notification: NAIPC Seeking Speakers
New Empathy-Oriented Call Program Combats Senior Loneliness
Blogging in Place: Suggestions for Getting Around Town When You Can’t Drive Anymore
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NAIPC Announces New Aging in Place Podcast
Aging in Place Preference Post COVID-19
Blogging in Place: Aging in Place When You Need In-Home Healthcare
New Smart Fall Detection Designed for Apple Watch
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Full Steam Ahead
NAIPC 2021 Board of Directors Elected
Navigating Through Changes of Grief and Bereavement: A Podcast
Blogging in Place
AARP Releases State-by-State COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plans
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Taking Your Membership to the Next Level
Why Hire an Interior Designer
Digital Divide: The Need for Broadband 
Blogging in Place: Here’s How Older Adults Can Stay Warm and Stylish in Winter
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Diet is a Vital Sign: Simple Truths About Eating Well and Living Healthy Longer
Health Secure Cities: Urban Planning in a Pandemic
Blogging in Place: The Impact of COVID-19 On Older Adults Aging in Place
New York Congressman Introduces Bill to Help Older Adults Age in Place Through Tax Credit
Harvard/AARP Report Find Most Older Adults Do Not Live in Livable Communities
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A Letter from NAIPC
NAIPC in the News
Bloggin’ And Podcastin’: A NAIPC Member’s Response To A HARO Request
Health Secure Construction: Everything Under One Roof
Blogging in Place: Simple Aging in Place Adjustments to Help Older Americans with Sight Loss
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National Aging in Place Week Recap
Health Secure Building: Physical Retrofit And Operational Adjustments
Biden’s Plan For Helping Retirees With Long-Term Care
What Retirees Should Know About Harris’ Plan For Retirement Benefits
NAIPC in the News
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Planning to Age in Place in the Time of COVID
Health Secure Housing: Introduction
Elders Kick COVID’s Butt
Knowing the Difference: Joint Tenants vs. Tenants in Common
NAIPC in the News
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Healthy Housing on the Horizon
NAIPC Virtual Networking Even: Register Now!
Learning How to Download Apps
New Startup, Ready, Provides In-Home Health Care and Testing in the Time of COVID
Blacl Mental Health Matters
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Move Over in the Mosh Pit
Tara Ballman Named New Program Director for NAIPC
Our Budgets Reflect Our Values: Ageism and Cost-Cutting in the Age of the Coronavirus
What Will a Post-Pandemic, Post-Vaccine Life for Older Adults Look Like?
It’s Time for Pro-Aging Party Platforms
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NAIPC’s State of the Association Meeting
Pandemic Era Resoures From NAIPC Members
Biden’s Plan for Greater Retirement Security for Older Americans
COVID Scams to Look Out For
“Blogging in Place” Features
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Greater Pittsburgh Chapter Partners with Hope Grows
Pandemic Era Resources from NAIPC Members
Switch the Telehealth
Biden Announces Universal Care Plan
NAIPC in the News
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Pandemic Era Resources From NAIPC Members
COVID-19 May Drive Up Long-Term Care Costs
What We All Want And Need To Know Abut Restaurant Re-Openings
“Blogging in Place” Features: Identifying Early Changes in Cognition
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Black Senior Lives Matter
What Do We Need To Feel Safe As We Visit Reopend Venues?
Member Alert
“Blogging in Place” Features
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Pandemic Era Resources From NAIPC Members
Is Telemedicine Here to Stay?
Grantmakers in Aging: An Overview of COVID-19 in Rural America
NAIPC in the News
“Blogging in Place” Features: Six Ways COVID-19 is Affecting Older Adults and What To Do About It
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NAIPC Aging in Place Essentials Report
Pandemic Era Resources From NAIPC Members
Online Therapy Resources for Older Adults and Caregivers
Providing Additional Support and Contributing to the Pandemic Relief
“Blogging in Place” Features: How Video Games Can Help Older Adults with Isolation
COVID-19 Resources for Associations and Chambers
Did You Know? Important Facts About the COVID-19 Virus
Ideas for Staving Off Loneliness While Social Distancing
“Blogging in Place” Features: The Power Pets Hold for Healing Older Adutlts
Senator Cardin Explains COVID-19 Stimulus Package
CDC Guidance For Senior Housing Communities
CAN Provides Tips For Family Caregivers
GoodRX Launches Telemedicine Price Comparison
NAIPC Member WIns “Best of Home Care” Award
“Blogging in Place” Features: Five Things You Can Do To Stay Occupied in Retirement
Upcoming Events
COVID-19: What You Need To KNow
How to Keep Your Clients Safe During COVID-19
Providing Community Support for Older Adutls
New Flexibilities Available to People with Medicare
“Blogging in Place” Features: Key Factors Older Adults Should Consider When Choosing a Vehicle
Upcoming Events
Our Family Encounter: Stewards of Eldercare
HARO: Becoming A Contributor
NAIPC in the News
RSVP: Chapter & Committee Tutorial on MemberClicks
“Blogging in Place” Features: Five Paradisaical Intracoastal Communities Perfect for Retirement
Upcoming Events
How to Enhance Personal Branding Thru LinkedIn
Low Cost Retirement Destinations Allow Retiree’s to Stretch Savings
Middle-Aged Adults Are Supporting Their Parents and Adult Children
BPC Releases “Bipartisan Rx for America’s Healthcare”
“Blogging in Place” Features: The Steps Banks are Taking to Protect Against Financial Edler Abuse
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NAIPC Board of Directors 2019 Re-elected For 2020
NAIPC PR & Marketing Committee Offers New HARO Program
CVS Health to Roll Out 600 HealthHUB Wellness and Heatlhcare Centers in 2020
“Blogging in Place” Features: Eight Sporting Activities to Keep Older Adults Physically Active
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Become A NAIPC Committee Member Today!
National Aging in Place Week Reports
Hope’s Heroes: Honoring Caregivers Of All Generations
Unison Survey Shows Supporting Adult Children Derailing Parents’ Retirement
“Blogging in Place” Features: Aging While Driving
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Internal Sponsorships Prove To Be Value Added For NAIPC Chapter
National Aging in Place Week Reports
NAIPC in the News
LISC Institute Turns Spotlight on Aging in Place
“Blogging in Place” Features: Tweak Your Diet to Fight Age-Related Muscle Loss
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MemberClicks Tutorial for NAIPC Members
National Aging in Place Week Reports
New Act Would Allow Older Adults to Remain at Home Longer
“Blogging in Place” Features: Helping family members with dementia get finances in order
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #17
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MemberClicks Tutorial for NAIPC Members
DC Retirement Community Tests Robot Prototype Releases “2019 Senior Living Report” On Best and Worst Places for Older Adults to Live
“Blogging in Place” Features: Core Supports for Aging in Place
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #16
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National Aging in Place Week 2019
NAIPC Releases New Costs of Aging Handbook
Save the Date: MemberClicks Tutorial for NAIPC Members
“Blogging in Place” Features: How to Avoid Burnout When Caring for an Ailing Parent
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #15
Upcoming Events
New Member Database and Portal Going Live: What you need to know
Growing NAIPC: “Why I Joined”
NAIPC in the News
“Blogging in Place” Features: Pay it Forward
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #14
Upcoming Events
Increase Your Reach With Effective Emails
The Future of Multigenerational Housing in Existing Communities
“Blogging in Place” Features: Understanding the Scope and Symptoms of Malnutrition in Older Adults
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #13
Member Alert!
Upcoming Events
Using Your Life Insurance Policy To Pay For Aging in Place
Changes in Medicare to Look Out For in 2020
New Data Profile: Examining Family Caregiver Characteristics
“Blogging in Place” Features: Talking About Alzheimer’s 
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #12
Upcoming Events
Join the National Zoom Chapter
NAIPC Chapter Advocates: Rate Increases for Personal Support Services
New Elder Abandonment Law Passed in California
New Hampshire Forms Commission on Aging
“Blogging in Place” Features: Hot weather safety for older adults
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #11
Upcoming Events
Announcing an Aging in Place Chapter for Every Community in the U.S.
Mobility Managers: A New Resource in Transportation
The “Lincoln Law”: How Whistleblowers Help Fight Fraud
“Blogging in Place” Features: Four Tips for Maintaining Your Home as You Age
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #10
Upcoming Events
Announcing A New Feature for NAIPC Members
How to Get the Most Out of Your Doctor’s Visits
AAG’s Savvy Seniors Program on Recognizing Targeted Fraud
Meals on Wheels America Expands Mobile App-Based Health and Monitoring Program
“Blogging in Place” Features: Nationwide Medicaid Long-Term Care Guide
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #9
Upcoming Events
Do the Aging Adults in Your Community Know How to Pay for Aging in Place?
Trends in Digital Media To Grow Engagement
Washington State Passes Nation’s First Long-Term Benefit Program
“Blogging in Place” Features: How to Prevent Elder Abuse in the Home
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Wekk #8
Upcoming Events
Member Discussion: Organizing Your “Paying for Aging in Place” Presentation for Aging in Place Week
In Memoriam: Corinne Berenson
New U.S. House Bill Proposes To Address Needs of Rural Seniors Aging in Place
May is Older Americans Month
“Blogging in Place” Features
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #7
Upcoming Events
Member Discussion: Organizing Your “Paying for Aging in Place” Presentation for Aging in Place Week
Is Long-Term Care A Gray Area?
Seniors Rise, Housing Cools
Life Expectancy and Your Financial Plan
“Blogging in Place” Features
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #6
Upcoming Events
Member Discussion: Organizing Your “Paying for Aging in Place” Presentation for Aging in Place Week
From Our New Board of Directors: Revised Mission Statement
Renters Report Housing Costs Significantly Impact Their Health Care
Eight Early Signs of Dementia
NAIPC in the News
“Blogging in Place” Features
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #5
Upcoming Events
Member Discussion: Organizing Your “Paying for Aging in Place” Presentation for Aging in Place Week
American Cancer Society Honors NAIPC Member
Chair Tai Chi in the OC
New Section, “Blogging in Place” Features: Become a guest blogger
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #4
Upcoming Events
Member Discussion: Organizing Your “Paying for Aging in Place” Presentation for Aging in Place Week
NAIPC News Content Submissions
NAIPC Member Receives Silver Award For New Product
Alice’s Clubhous Open House
Emerging Transportation and Mobility for Older Adults
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #3
Justice Department Coordinates Largest-Ever Nationwide Elder Fraud Sweep
Upcoming Events
Spending Patterns of Older Americans
NAIPC in the News
Black & Decker Expands Brand with Smart Home Products
Are you giving IT security the attention it deserves? Tech Tip Week #2
Upcoming Events
Complete Estate Planning: An OC Chapter Presentation
Doula’s Provide End of Life Support
Where do you see yourself living in retirement?
Dublin, OH’s Micro-Transit Pilot Program
Are you giving IT secruity the attention it deserves?
Upcoming Events
Member Conversation: Building & Maintaining Membership
NAIPC in the News
Medicare Advantage’s Many Advantages: Private Health Insurance For Seniors Expanding Rapidly
Making Healthcare Convenient: Data shows Maryland’s Health Enterprise Zones
Oregon’s Auto-IRA Program Off to Promising Start
Upcoming Events
Save the Date: Maintaining Membership
NAIPC Ushers in New Board of Directors for 2019
Smart Home Speakers Are Getting Smarter
Are you Talking to your Healthcare Provider About Social Determinants of Health
Aging In Place Products are Trending
Upcoming Events
Save the Date: Maintaining Membership
Seeking Out a PACE Program Partnership
What Caregivers Should Know About Seasonal Affective Disorder
Insurers Address Social Determinants of Health to Curb Spending
Takeaways from a Senior Living Operator’s Survey
Upcoming Events
Save the Date: Maintaining Membership
Chapter and Community Strategies: Chapter Fundraising
NAIPC in the News
The Proprietary Product Market: Are Older and Wealthier Americans Averse to Holding Houshold Debt?
HUD and VA Secretaries Announce Housing Initiatives to Support Homeless Veterans
Upcoming Events
RSVP for The NAIPC Members-Only Strategy Series Member Discussion
The BS Assault (That’s “Bogus Solicitations”)
NAIPC in the News
Speed Networking with the Orange County Chapter
November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month
Could Drone Amubulances be the Solution for Rural Patients
Upcoming Events
Save The Date: Chapter Funding Strategies
Strategies for Engaging The Older Adults In Your Community
NAIPC in the News
‘House of Memories’: A Mini-Museum of the Mind
Masonic Villages Becomes New “IQ Home” Standard
Upcoming Events
Save the Date: NAIPC Members-Only Strategy Series
Becoming CAPS Certified
UK’s Foundations to Provide Funding for Home Modifications
AARP’s Aging Readiness and Competitiveness Report Released
Transamerica: Retirement Security Has Improved Since Pre-Recession Levels
Upcoming Events
Save the Date: NAIPC to Condct Series of Conference Calls
NAIPC in the News
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Study Focuses on Older Drivers
The Retirement Reserach Foundation Provides List of Aging in Place Related Websites
Upcoming Events
Smaart House Will Hook You Up
Giving Back: Lions Club International Collects Used Eyeglasses. Hearing Aids and Cellphones 
NAIPC in the News
Why Transportation Costs Should Be Part of the Borrower Conversation
Health Insurers Invest in Housing
Housing to Reduce Opioid Use
Upcoming Events
Identity Theft and the Chaos It Creates
What is a Lifestyle Specialist?
Google’s Nest Looks At Older Americans As a New Target Market
Upcoming Events
Aging in Place Advocate
Family Love Letter: Information In a Time of Confusion
Aging in Atlanta Series
NAIPC in the News
Explore AARP’s Top Ten Most Livable Communities in the U.S.
Upcoming Events
Caregivers Working Group
Alice’s Clubhouse
Grab Bars are the new Seat Belts
NAIPC in the News
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
Upcoming Events
Civic Services
Staying Relevant Year After Year
My Million Dollar Mom
NAIPC in the News
Toot your own horn
Upcoming Events
Benefiting Members: NAIPC Releases Member’s Only Resource Guide
How to Hire Help in the Home: A Naples Chapter Event
Northwestern Mutual Shares Results of Long-Term Care Study
TruSense: First ‘Smart’ Personal Emergency Response (PERS) Pendant
The Secret of Happy Aging: All the Ways Art Can Make Life Better
Upcoming Events
The Right Home: NAIPC Issues New Housing Toolkit
Successful Aging in PLace: A Course
Aging Life Care Managers and Reverse Mortgages
How to Deal with Very Late-Onset Schizophrenia
Celebrating Festivals with Older Family Members: A Guide
Upcoming Events
NAIPC Releases Toolkit: Organizing Your Community for Aging in Place
Measuring Resident Outcomes
How Seniors Are Using New Delivery & Ridesharing Platforms
Ten Future Healthcare Jobs
UD Design: Curbless Showers and Trench Drains
Upcoming Events

January 26, 2018

New Program Suggestions & Guides
Walking to End Alzheimer’s
Are there tax breaks for home modifications?
The Need for Mental Health Affordable Housing
Recognize, Assist, Include, Support and Engage
Healthcare in Rural America

Upcoming Events

January 12, 2018

Improv-ing a Chapter
Falling is in the Past
NAIPC in the News
New Year’s Resolution: Spend more time with Elderly Family Members

Upcoming Events

November 30, 2018

One Voice Summit

Tips for the Holidays From NAIPC
Assessing the Elderly: Look, Listen and Pause
‘Tis the Season for GIVING

Upcoming Events

November 10, 2017

Building On Success
NAIPC Member’s New Book Empowers Seniors to Save Assets from Forfeiture
Special NAIPC Offer from Stuff Seniors Need
Advancing Technology, Advancing Quality of Life
NAIPC in the News
NCOA Awarded National Center for Benefits Outreach and Enrollment
November is National Family Caregivers Month: Caregiving Around the Clock

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October 16, 2017

Special 2017 Aging in Place Week and Annual Meeting Issue

Upcoming Events

August 31, 2017

NAIPC Annual Meeting
NAIPC in the News
Learning to Live Later Life: NCOA Aging Mastery Program
10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls
Making Transit Better in Rapidly Aging Cities

Upcoming Events

August 8, 2017

An Industry Plan for National Aging in Place Week
NAIPC Annual Meeting Goes Virtual
GSA Releases Cognitive Impairment Toolkit
Affording Long-Term Care: Recommendations from the Bipartisan Policy Center
VA Video Connect to Expand VA’s Telehealth Program

Upcoming Events

July 17, 2017

Making House Calls
NAIPC in the News
U.S. and Japan Join Forces Against Aging in Place Challenges
Overcoming Obstacles to Policies Preventing Falls by the Elderly
Hogewey Community Model Comes to the U.S.

Upcoming Events

June 30, 2017

Our Next Step: Aging in Place Centers
NAIPC in the News
“Senior Scam Jam”
Go Purple for Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

State Officials Request More Power to Crack Down on Home Care

May 31, 2017

Social Connectedness and the Older Adult
Combatting Isolation
Older Americans Month 2017
CHRONIC Care Act Introduced to Senate
Aging in Place Home Modifications Gains Popularity
NAIPC in the News

Upcoming Events

May 11, 2017

Comprehensive Financial Planning for Aging in Place
Fixing America’s Broken Retirement System
2016 Top Ten Scams Against Seniors
Reverse Mortgage Education Week: Recap & Recordings

Upcoming Events

April 20, 2017

A New Role for ACT III

Case Study-Hall
Milken Institute’s 2017 Best Cities for Successful Aging
Sleep and Aging: Senior Sleep Guide

Upcoming Events

March 27, 2017

Three Free Consumer Guides from NRMLA

Risk or Reward: Switching Jobs After 50

Understanding Healthcare Costs in Retirement

Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs
The Care Transitions Program
The Joint Center for Housing Studies’ 20 year Projections

Upcoming Events

February 27, 2017 

Using Telehealth: The costs of care at a distance
Stopping Senior Scams
Adapting Housing Needs for an Aging America
The Senior Citizens League

Upcoming Events

February 7, 2017

The Village Movement Turns 15 with special guest speaker, Dr. Atul Gawande

19 Free Services for Seniors or their Caregivers
February is American Heart Month: Give the gift of health

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January 30, 2017

Delivering Healthcare at Home: A Toolbox 
The Jetsons had Rosie, we have MERA
NAIPC in the News
Upcoming Events

January 12, 2017

NAIPC Year End Review

NAIPC: A Year in Review

December 22, 2016

Improving Affordable Housing and Home Health Care for Seniors
The Costs of Aging: A Handbook
Aging Out Loud in 2017
NAIPC in the News
Upcoming Events

November 11, 2016

The Real Seniors on Campus: Land for Developers, Classes for Residents
Member Spotlight- Jim Shahrokh, Tri County of Greater Los Angeles
NAIPC in the News

Upcoming Events

October 28, 2016

Elder Economic Security
Member Spotlight- Chris Baker, Greater Atlanta Chapte
Senior Care Hero Awards
NAIPC in the News

Upcoming Events

National Aging In Place Week

October 14, 2016

September 23, 2016

Affordable Housing as a Health Intervention

Enterprise Releases New “Aging in Place” Guides
Alzheimer’s Awareness and Memory Care
Member Spotlight-Todd Shippy, Charleston, SC
Aging in Place Comes to Kansas City
NAIPC in the News

Upcoming Events

September 2, 2016

CEU Concepts: Connecting with Continuing Education

Tribute to Monte Howard
Enterprise Community Partners: Accumulating evidence of better care and lower costs
Lyft-ing Transportation
NAIPC in the News

Upcoming Events

August 19, 2016

Isolating Aging in Place

There’s a Doctor In the Building
An Interview with Teresa Lee, Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation
Member Spotlight- Sanjay Das, Triangle, NC
NAIPC in the News

Upcoming Events

July 26, 2016

How Do You Age in Place?

Stepping Inside the World of a Hoarder
Innovations in Driving Safety for Older Americnas
NAIPC in the News

Upcoming Events

June 28, 2016

Spotting Elder Abuse

Pew Research Center Report Shows Increase In Working Older Americans
NAIPC in the News
Aging Begins at Home: A Commitment to Action

Upcoming Events

June 2, 2016

Support, Prevent, Advocate! World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Training High School Students to Fill the Caregiving Gap
Person-centered Care: Guiding Healthcare Into The Future
Member Spotlight- New Hampshire, Mark Sullivan
NAIPC in the News
Survey: Retirees Want to Age in Place But are Hesitant to Tap Home Equity

Upcoming Events

May 25, 2016

Announcing the National Aging in Place Foundation

Home Mod Squad Talks Universal Design Becoming Universal
Three Wishes
The Credit for Caring Act to Help Families Age in Place
BPC Senior Health and Housing Task Force: Healthy Aging Begins at Home
NAIPC in the News
Support World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, June 15th

Upcoming Events

May 2, 2016

New Ideas for Funding Long-Term Care
Atlanta Chapter Pushes Bill Through Legislature
Assessing the Value of Home Health Care
Member Spotlight- Orange County, Carolyn Novotny
Aging with Colleagues: Actors Fund Connects Artists with Housing and Services
Older Americans Act Officially Renewed

Upcoming Events

April 15, 2016

Moving on Exurbia
Member Spotlight- Long Island, Gennaro Faiola
NAIPC in the NewsIntentional Neighboring: Generations of Hope provides new purpose
HUD Set to Test Housing & Supportive Services for Aging in Place
A Formula for Community-Centered Living

Upcoming Events

March 18, 2016

Announcing NAIPC’s Newest Working Group- Aging in Place in Exurbia

Better Lives
Aging in Place in Rural Communities
John A. Hartford Foundation Issues Brief on Elder Justice
Learning to Navigate the Wired World

Upcoming Events

March 4, 2016

Highlights from the Home Mod Squad

Member Spotlight- Ira Rothman, Long Island
Your Attitude about Aging Directly Influences Your Health
HUD Helps Seniors Age in Place

Home Care: Resources Seniors Need to Know About

February 17, 2016

Highlights from the Caregivers Working Group

The “Age-Friendly” Report
Housing and the aging population
The Blue Zones
Upcoming Events

January 21, 2016

Aging in Place in Exurbia
Member Spotlight- Crystal Manning
Caregiving Innovation Frontiers Study
The Jetsons or Futuristic Aging Technology?
Assessing elderly drivers and finding alternate transportation

Upcoming Events

January 8, 2016

Each One Bring One Campaign

Caregivers Working Group
Granny Pods
The Sandwich Generation’s Juggling Act
A New Generation Achieving Lifestyle Independence
Member Spotlight
Upcoming Events

November 23, 2015

HomeAdvisor and National Aging In Place Council Announce Partnership
Judy Rosch and The Actors Fund
The Senior Learning Network
Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act
HealthPicket: A unique new option for patient-centered home-based care
Rules for being a Family Caregiver

Upcoming Events

November 6, 2015

Village to Village Network with Natalie Galucia
HomeAdvisor Releases Aging-in-Place Report in collaboration with the National Aging in Place Council
Using an in-home safety checklist to help assess homes for aging in place
12 Numbers to help You prepare for Retirement

Upcoming Events

October 22, 2015

Bell’s Blog: Our Ship on the Ocean

Georgia Tech Research Institute HomeLab and Aware Home

The Future of Participant Direction in Aging Services
World Health Organization calls for healthcare changes for aging population
Home: the New Healthcare Center of the Future
Elder Financial Abuse: How to Protect Yourself
NAIPC Event Update

Upcoming Events

October 2, 2015 

NAIPC Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker, Kathryn Lawler
The Bipartisan Policy Center Creates Health and Housing Task Force
A Home that Will Age with You
Having “The Talk” with Your Parents
Member Spotlight

Upcoming Events

September 22, 2015

NAIPC Annual Meeting

NAIPC Event Reminders
The Voice Library
‘Our Houses Are the Key to Aging Well’
7 Startups Helping Seniors Age
8 Easy Apps to Enhance Senior Living and Saftey

Upcoming Events

September 4, 2015 

Announcing NAIPC Annual Meeting

Benefits Checkup

The Missing Antidote
More Than Just a Home
The Golden Girls Network
Medicaid Eligibility and Aging in Place

Upcoming Events

August 21, 2015

Home Modification Group
Finding Love at any age
grandPad partners with Lifesprk on senior-friendly tablet
“The Baltimore Experience Corps Trial”
Retirement Villages of the Future

Upcoming Events

August 4, 2015 

Annual Meeting December 2 and 3 in Atlanta
Smart Homes are the Wave of the Future
Reauthorization of the Older American Act
Low-Income Seniors Face Challenges to Aging in Place
Paving the road to Retirement
Member Spotlight

Upcoming Events


July 23, 2015

It’s Just Common Courtesy
Democratic Lawmakers Support Rule that Protects Retirees and Investors
White House Conference on Aging
Long Term Care Costs
Aging Behind Bars

Upcoming Events

July 9, 2015 

Laughter is the Best Medicine
One Bad Trip
An Aging American Workforce
Back to School for Seniors

Upcoming Events

It’s not just about aging in place, it’s about aging in the right place
Vermont Villas brings together seniors and homeless veterans
A New Model for Services Delivery
Houzz survey on industry trends
From Smart phones to Smart homes
Chefs for Seniors
Senate Special Committee on Aging learns about aging in place technology

Upcoming Events

May 12, 2015

Generations of Hope to Open DC Residence
Starting to plan for NAIPC Annual Meeting
New NAIPC Service Provider policy
The Pros to Downsizing when Aging in Place
The costs of in-home care vs. facility-based care
How to Get Your House Ready for Retirement
Upcoming Events

January 22, 2015

Thank You Ashley
S.C. Aging in Place Coalition Transitions to NAIPC Greater Charleston Chapter
Congress Urged to Stop Stalling on Renewal of Older Americans Act
What to Expect in your 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s
Moderate Daily Activity Reduces Risk of Early Death
Aging and Financial Decision-Making
Upcoming Events

2014: A Big Year for NAIPC
New Member Webinar
Eastern Shore Chapter Spearheads Local Village Formation
Boston College: Post-Retirement Consumption Important Factor to Consider
Upcoming Events

NAIPC Receives Gold Award for Best Association Membership Directory
New Member Webinar
NAIPC Member Honored as one of Central Ohio’s “Smart 50” Top Executives
Best States to Retire: Where Does your State Rank?
The Economist: Retirees Must Live on Less, Work Longer, or Save More
Good News: 6 Common Negative Misperceptions of Aging Debunked
Retirees in 49 out of 50 States Have Insufficient Retirement Income
Upcoming Events

Thanksgiving Message: The Year We Put on Long Pants
So Why Did You Join NAIPC?
Enter Entrepreneurs: High Demand for Aging in Place Professionals
Seniors Want More Walkable Communities
Forbes: Some Cities Graying Faster than Others
Yale Study Indicates Positive Stereotypes Can Improve Senior Health
Upcoming Events

MUSC Center on Aging Develops Innovative Senior Mentor Program
Boston Chapter to Host Co-Director of Harvard’s Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment
Tri-County of Greater LA Chapter Participates in Aging in Place Forum
Maryland Introduces Grant Program to Help Seniors Age in Place
NAHB Honors Remodelers for Excellence in Aging in Place Rennovations
Upcoming Events

Aging in Place Week Flash Report—October 16, 2014
Welcome, Randolph Aging in Place Council
Member Spotlight: Meet Russell Glickman
NAIPC Member Lobbies Congress for Better Access to Audiology Services through Medicare
Preparing for Long Term Care Costs
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NAIPC to Launch Aging in Place Template on
New Resource Available to Members
Greater Charleston Chapter Chairman, Barbara Franklin, Featured in National Publication
Long Island Chapter Obtains Corporate Sponsors for Project Lifesaver
Senator Proposes “National Caregiver Corps” Program
Maine House Speaker Introduces “Keep Me Home” Initiative
Exercising with Cold or Flu Symptoms
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September 12, 2014

Members Only: National Aging in Place Planning Day Training Webinar
Greater Charleston Chapter Partners with Goodwill Industries to Create “Hire Me!” Program
Central Coast of California Chapter Featured in Local Publication
California State Senate Candidate to Speak at Orange County Chapter Event
Member Spotlight: Meet Tony Rovere!
Discovery of “Research Gold” Leads to Key Findings on Longevity
Aging in Place…Abroad!
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Members Only: National Aging in Place Planning Day Training Webinar
401(k) Savers are Reaping Rewards
Staying Vital as You Age
Forbes: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Senior Community
Tips on Finding Home Health Care
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First Aging in Place National Planning Day
Greater Pittsburgh Chapter Featured in Local Publication
Unplanned Child Support
Insuring Longevity
Considering a Less Conventional Housing Arrangement
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July 24, 2014

2014 Annual Meeting Coverage: Local Lobbying Workshop Report
Welcome, Western & Central Virginia Chapter!
Boston College: Average Worker Needs to Save 15% to Fund Retirement
Making the Tough Decisions: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
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July 10, 2014

Chapter Growth Challenge
2014 Annual Meeting Coverage: Where NAIPC Fits In
How do You Refer to Your Clients?
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June 23, 2014

NAIPC 2014 Annual Meeting Featured in Forbes
NAIPC Releases 2 Key Resources
NAIPC’s Newest Chapter–Welcome, Greater Pittsburgh!
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May 21, 2014

Registration for the Annual Meeting is Closing Soon…Don’t Miss Out!
NAIPC’s Newest Chapter–Welcome, Tri County of Greater Los Angeles!
Member Spotlight: Meet Beth Commers
Boston Chapter Appears in the Boston Globe
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May 1, 2014

Upcoming Conference Highlights
Member Spotlight: Meet Holly Spiegel
Columbus, Ohio Welcomes Newly Formed Chapter of NAIPC
Aging in Place, “Golden Girls” Style
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April 14, 2014

The Graying of America
How to Make a Difference in Your Community
Expansion of Home and Community Based Service Programs
Senators Request Funding Increase for Older Americans Act
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March 14, 2014

2014 NAIPC Annual Meeting Registration is Open!
Greater Charleston Chapter to Bring Village Movement to SC
Preparing for Future Needs: CAPS and Universal Design
HUD: Comprehensive Aging in Place Research is Needed
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February 21, 2014

NAIPC 2014 Board of Directors
Chapter Building Suggestions and Seminar
Study Shows Coordinated Care Approach Helps Seniors Stay in their Homes
Village Model Thriving in Greater DC
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January 30, 2014

NAIPC 2014 Priorities
Council of Chapters Updates
NCOA Aims to Help 10 Millions Seniors by 2020
NAIPC Board of Directors Special Election
Save the Date!
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January 10, 2014

Common Goals Closely Aligned
Innovative Approach to Community Engagement
Aging in Place Technology of Tomorrow
NAIPC Board of Directors Special Election
Save the Date!
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December 13, 2013

News From National
Data Shows Reduced Hospital Readmission Rates in 2013
Member Spotlight: Meet Diane Landau
Save the Date!
Help Protect Seniors in Your Community
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November 15, 2013

Fulfilling the Need for Community
Aging in America Compared to Other Nations
Pittsburgh Chapter Coming Soon
We Want to Hear From You!
Help Protect Seniors in Your Community
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October 24, 2013

Greater Charleston Chapter Holds Local Policy Summit
National Aging in Place Policy Summit to Come
Certified Aging in Place Specialists Win Homes for Life Awards for Excellence
Senior Movers Provide More Than Just Moving Services
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October 2, 2013

DC Mayor Vincent Gray to Address National Policy Summit
Charleston Chapter Holds All Star Roundtable
Chapter Updates
Dire Need for Caregivers Confirmed by Recent AARP Report
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September 4, 2013

NAIPC Announces National Policy Summit Webinar
NAIPC Implements Background Check Requirement for Members
Chapter News
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August 21, 2013

Study Reveals Urgent Need for Social and Public Policy Reform on Aging Webinar
Atlanta Chapter Presents on Hospital to Home Transitions
How to Form and Maintain a Successful Chapter
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August 7, 2013

New Aging in Place Website Makes Finding In-Home Care Easier
An Enlightening Tale of Caregiving
Innovative Models for Offering Resident Services
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July 24, 2013

A Packed Agenda
Follow-Up to the NAIPC® Annual Meeting
NY Times Reports on Effects of Federal Health Care Law
Chicago Tribune: Retirement and Aging in Place
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July 8, 2013

Recommended Chapter Structure
Home Health Care Evolving
Member Profile: Alissa Boroff, Access Solutions Director
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June 24, 2013

“Making Aging in Place an American Priority”
Bringing Aging in Place to Your Community
“Supporting Home Health Makes Sense”
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