Suggestions for Getting Around Town When You Can’t Drive Anymore

By Anica Oaks

Unless you live in a big city, driving is a part of your daily lifestyle. In fact, many of us take it for granted. Unfortunately, times may come along when we can no longer get behind the wheel. This doesn’t mean that we can’t still get around town. Rather, there are many different sources of transportation that you can rely on to get your errands done.

Local Bus Route

Most towns offer a local bus that will stop at designated routes throughout the town. While it may be unlikely that there’s a stop right at the end of your driveway, there’s probably one within short walking distance. A simple look online or a call to the local bus station will reveal where the closest routes are to your home, at what times the bus stops at them, and how much it costs to ride.

Chartered Services

If you’re in need of specialized services due to being in a wheelchair or something similar, you have options. You can opt for hiring a chartered¬†handicap transportation¬†service to pick you up from your home. These specialized charter services arrive with vehicles that are designed to handle the loading, unloading and transportation of those with extra needs, such as those using a scooter or wheelchair to get around.


The rise in rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft has skyrocketed over the last few years. Now, more than ever before, people can get a conveniently priced ride within a short timeframe whenever they need one. These rideshare companies offer state-of-the-art mobile technology that allows you to track your driver and pay them with the push of a button.


When people needed to get around town without a car, for years, they used taxis. While the prevalence of taxis has slightly decreased with the introduction of rideshare companies, they’re still around. They run around the clock to pick people up in various locations and transport them to their desired destination. If you’re not overly comfortable with the idea of having a rideshare driver, you can opt for a taxi driver that has experience in the safe transportation of people.

When you find yourself no longer in the position to drive, it may seem like the world is out of reach. However, that’s not really the reality of the situation. You can use any of the four suggestions above to get yourself to and around town.